UPVC Fascias and Guttering

Admiral Roofing has provided many homes and properties with the best UPVC Fascias and Guttering for many years. All fascias and gutters will be installed by our experienced and qualified staff.

A fascia is the term given to the UVPC material that is situated underneath a roof and runs alongside the property. The purpose of the fascias is to carry the guttering alongside the building and support the bottom row of tiles on the roof.

Guttering is a system that is designed to drain water away from the building and give the building a high level of protection from rainwater. A well crafted guttering system will collect water as it falls on your building and drain it away into your drainage system.

It is important to ensure that your fascias and guttering are installed by a professional like Admiral Roofing. Failing to do so will have dramatic repercussions for your building. Rainwater will leak and will cause damp and water damage that can be irreparable. In addition, badly installed or broken guttering/fascias can lead to instability within the foundations of your property. UPVC fascias and gutters are well noted for their durability properties and will provide a superb service for years.

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