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Admiral Roofing  has provided a superb tiling and slating service for many years. On every job, our company uses highly qualified staff who have years of experience in fitting roof tiles and slates onto properties of all sizes. Every tradesman supplied by our company are fully qualified and licensed to tile your property.

Ensuring the roof on your property is properly tiled is imperative, and it will pay dividends in the future. A badly tiled roof tiled by amateurs will cause a plethora of problems for your home and property. Problems that may arise include but are not limited to damp, instability and many more. Ultimately, you will need to call the professionals to repair the damage and re-tile your roof which will be costly.

Tiling has been used as a roofing material for centuries due to the vast range of benefits it offers properties like:

Adds to the Character of Your Home

You may not see it, but the roof plays an important part in the image of your home. Choosing the right tiles and ensuring your roof is in a great condition will pay dividends. Tiles that match and complement the character of your home will add to the beauty of your property. If you are selling your home, buyers will often check the roof for any signs of wear and tear and will be put off by a damaged roof.

Protection from All Types of Weather

Tiles and slate have established a firm reputation for being one of the best weatherproof roofing options. Our company uses high-quality tiles and slates in every tiling or slating job to ensure your home has the best protection.

Hard Wearing

Tiles or slates should be considered a wise investment for your home that will pay off over time. Key benefits for homeowners include a hard wearing roofing surface that will provide years of invaluable service. In addition to the hard wearing benefits, these tiles will look great on any home.

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