Moss Removal

Has your roof developed unsightly green moss? At Admiral Roofing, we can remove that horrible green moss from your roof and in between the tiles so that your roof is back to normal. All moss removal will be conducted by our expert roofing staff who have removed moss from a wide range of roofs.

Moss will grow if your roof is situated in either a damp or shady environment. In many homes and properties, we have found that the north side of the roof is affected as it receives the least time in the sun.

Why get rid of moss on your roof? Moss is a destabilising force on any roof and will lead to the deterioration of your roof. If you want to save money on expensive roof replacements, our moss removal service will get to the root of the moss underneath the roof tiles.

At Admiral Roofing, our staff will scrape off the moss off the tiles and then clean your tiles. During this procedure, our staff will also inspect the tiles on your roof to ensure that they are in a good condition.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team today for more information on our moss removal services.